Seasonal Veggie Basket by Edible Routes

The Seasonal Veggie Basket is an assortment of fresh, seasonal, and organically grown leafy greens, vegetables and herbs. Depending on what’s growing and ready for harvest on our farms, you will receive a different assortment of veggies and greens each time. Every basket weighs 5 kg and will be delivered to you weekly in the comfort of your homes.

As fresh veggies are both healthier and tastier, the produce would be harvested in the morning and would be delivered that very day so that you can enjoy the veggies when they are fresh, safe, tender, tasty and as nutrient-rich as possible.

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Delivering Only in Delhi/NCR

Green Leafies (Any 2 per week)​

  • Spinach (Palak)
  • Amaranth Red
  • Amaranth Green
  • Kulfa Saag
  • Kalmi Saag
  • Poi Saag

Fruit Vegetables (Any 2 per week)

  • Bottle Gourd (Lauki) Long/Round
  • Ridge Gourd (Tori) (Dhari Tori)
  • Lady Finger (Bhindi)
  • Sponge Gourd (Chikni Tori)
  • Beetroot (Chakundar)
  • String Beans (Lobia)
  • Gwar Phali (Cluster Beans)
  • Desi Tomato (Desi Tamatar)
  •  Bitter Gourd (Karela)
  •  Snake Gourd (Chachinda)
  • Brinjal Long/Round/White/Green
  • Orange Carrot
  • Broad Beans (Sem Phali) 

Salad and Spices

  • Long Melon (Kakri)
  • Cucumber (Kheera)
  • Celery
  • Basil
  • Mint
  • Parsley
  • Coriander Leaves (Dhaniya)
  • Chilli
  • Baby Corn

How it Works?

After you subscribe, our farm managers will contact you each week with the list of vegetables available during your subscription. You can make your choice of vegetables to be included in the basket from this list.

Our attempt will be to deliver a good mix of vegetables adequate for one week for a family of 2-4. The variety and quantity of each vegetable may vary slightly depending on the harvest readiness at the farm. 

 Every week you will get freshly harvested, seasonal vegetables which have been grown naturally (and of course organically) at our farms. 

Pricing is inclusive of weekly delivery in Delhi and Gurugram.



  • One Time Delivery of 5 Kgs of Freshly Harvested Seasonal & Organic Veggies
  • Price: 1100 per week
  • Four Consecutive Deliveries of 5 Kgs of Freshly Harvested Seasonal & Organic Veggies
  • Price: 3900 per 4 weeks 
on order above 2000/-​