Hardneck Garlic


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How is it grown: Naturally

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  • Moderate winters of Kumaon region provide optimum climatic conditions to the nutritional content of garlic
  • Garlic bulbs are dried to increase shelf life up to a year

Edible Routes recommends: Save the garlic seeds and grow it in your kitchen garden 🙂

Edible Routes is an environmentally conscious organisation started in 2015. We aim to empower consumers and provide them answers to three basic questions about their food: where it is grown, how it is grown and who grows it.

By doing so, we shorten the distance between the farmer and the consumer to their mutual benefit. The farmer rightly earns the fair amount for their produce and the consumer can be assured of the quality and nutritional benefits of the product.

As such, we provide you this information for our products that are ethically sourced and consciously distributed. Make sure you make the best of it!


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