Yellow Moong Dal- Split


Edible Routes brings to you indigenous variety of yellow Moong Dal from Nagaur, Rajasthan from our partner farmers.

Rajasthan farmers grow these pulses only in monsoon as they are dependent on rain water to grow this seasonal crop. The best thing is rain water provides the necessary macro nutrients to the crop and leguminous crops itself contains nitrogen fixing bacteria in their root nodules, hence they don’t need any extra supply of fertilizers.

This Moong Dal Dhuli is 100% naturally grown, rainfed and without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. This dal is unpolished and stone grounded to retain its nutrients and flavor.

Easy to digest, delicious Moong dal has great health benefits too. This yellow dal is rich in potassium and iron. It helps lower blood pressure and protects against muscle cramping. It’s a good source of vitamin C and K, good for weight loss as it’s a low fat food rich in protein and fibre, it can help boost immune system and with high level of protein and folates make moong dal a preferred choice for diabetics too.

And of-course you can make endless version of recipes with moong dal from dal chila, dal tadka, delicious Moong dal khichdi, moong dal halwa, moong dal soup, moong dal kachori, moong dal onion pakoda, moong dal parantha to name a few!

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