Indian Greens Basket


Quantity: Each basket contains 2kg of greens
Duration of one subscription: 4 weeks
Delivery: Every Saturday and then

Greens in Basket
Palak, Dhaniya, Methi, Kasuri Methi, Bathua, Sarso, White Radish, Turnip, Red Round Radish, Beet Root

** Minimum variety: Since all veggies are farmed naturally at Edible Routes, not all varieties are readily or always available. Every week, the Indian Basket will contain a minimum of 5 varieties from the above-stated list of greens, respectively. 

Out of stock


Please note that we are selling only 15 baskets of Indian Greens Basket. In order to make the highest quality and optimum quantity available to you, there are limited baskets available. This link will be closed once they are sold out 🙂

Our Products – A Unique Journey:

Edible Routes aims to provide urban consumers information about three fundamental questions about our food: where it is grown, how it is grown and who grows it

We provide these answers by bridging the gap between the farmer and the consumer. By doing so, the farmers can rightly earn a fair return for their produce and the consumers can be assured of the quality and nutritional benefits of the food they eat. 

We thank you for joining hands for a sustainable present and a happy future! 




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