Fresh Mosambi

A perfect combination of sweet, juicy and sour, organic mosambi or sweet lime is a fruit that can refresh you within no time. Ideal to enjoy its pulpy flesh by slowly chewing it or choose to gulp a glass full of its yellowish green juice, which is an instant refresher. Mosambis are rich in vitamin C and potassium and are known for their colling properties. Store them in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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Our Partners – Our Farmers:

This product is sourced from farmers who have dedicated their lives to sustainable farming. They work hard to ensure that the food is produced within the systems of nature so it is packed with nutrition, taste, and texture.

These Mosambi have been sourced from Sri Gangnangar, Rajasthan. Mr. Ratan Lila’s family have been managing their citrus farm since 1955. In 2001, they started using drip system to prevent water loss and lead a sustainable life. They have been doing natural farming without any chemicals since 2010. They basically do indegenius Cow based farming using Jeevamrit as crop booster.


 Our Products – A Unique Journey:

Edible Routes aims to provide urban consumers information about three fundamental questions about our food: where it is grown, how it is grown, and who grows it.

We provide these answers by bridging the gap between the farmer and the consumer. By doing so, the farmers can rightly earn a fair return for their produce and the consumers can be assured of the quality and nutritional benefits of the food they eat.


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