Farm Fresh Mustard Oil


Cold-Pressed: The oil is made from organic Mustard seeds from our Damaali farm near Gurgaon and extracted in a traditional press (kacchi ghani), keeping nutrients, antioxidants, and flavour intact. No heat, steam, or chemicals, such as hexane have been used. This method gives a lower yield but gives you pure virgin oil of highest quality.

Unprocessed & Unrefined: This mustard oil has not undergone any of the processing that commercial refined mustard oil goes through, such as deodorisation or bleaching.

Traditional Heirloom Seeds (देसी बीज): Indigenous, non-GMO Indian varieties of mustard seeds have been grown.

Quality: The oil is a deep golden in colour with distinct pungent aroma and rich taste of pure mustard.

Uses: Besides cooking, this oil is excellent for skin and hair and can be used as a massage oil. Traditionally, it has also been used with salt to massage the gums for oral health.


1 ltr.- 340 Rs

5 ltr. – 1500 Rs

10 ltr. – 2500 Rs

Limited Stock: Maximum 10 litres can be ordered per family. First come, first serve.

Delivery will be done within 7 days after order is confirmed.

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