Amrapali Mangoes – 4.7 kg Box

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Born of love, the Amrapali is a deliciously flavourful mango. Grown in 105 acres of our Patalu Farm in Dhenkanal, Orissa nestled amongst the deep green forests, we follow the principles of natural farming to grow this king of fruits.

What you taste is not just the flavour of the mangoes but the richness of the soil and sweetness of the rain which nourishes life in Dhenkanal.

The Amrapali mangoes are small to mid-sized mangoes and tend to remain green on the outside even when fully ripe. Cut open a ripe Amrapali and you will see it’s amazing pulp color; bite into it and you will taste it’s earthy sweetness.

The box will have the ripest fruits on the top, with less ripe ones at the bottom. Eat or refrigerate the ripe mangoes and leave the less ripe ones in the box to ripen. Check every day to take out the ripe mangoes.

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