Amla Berry

Indians are accustomed to intaking ‘churans’ from time immemorial. The concept of ‘churan‘ hails from our ancient Ayurvedic practices. And we all heard about ‘churans‘ from our grandparents & have been eating it for easing the digestive process.

The Amla Berry by Edible Routes is a digestive bite made with 100% organically grown Amlas (Indian Gooseberry) from our beautiful Aali Farm in Delhi NCR ( other ground spices which are locally sourced. The ground spices such as cumin seeds, carom seeds, black pepper powder, rock salt & asafoetida etc are added to bring an appetizing flavor.

This traditional recipe is rich in health benefits especially for healing digestive ailments & boosting immunity. The Amla Berry is made purely from jaggery (gur) to enhance its health benefits and can be eaten daily without the worry of added sugar. No artificial preservatives form any part of this exquisite jar.

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